I've got a mail from one newsletter today. The author shared one of her favorite exercises - to make your life better and lighter. This exercise is called "Sunshine". You need to relax and imagine a little box with sun in your heart. Imagine how this box opens and sunlight goes everywhere, you are a sunshine, you give your light to everyone you love and care, you make your life brighter with your own inner light.
It made me to think and reevaluate my mood and my thoughts, and I decided to make them lighter. Just one little thought of "light" can make you happy. You need only to let this light to shine. Simply open your sun box;)

Inner Control

I cannot always control what goes on outside.
But I can always control what goes on inside.
~ Wayne Dyer


Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility begins with ME.
That's why it is personal.

~ John Miller


Life and Living

Life is worth of Living
But the Living should be worthy

Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
~ Robert Byrne


You Are Beautiful

My friend sent me this:)
Very cute, and it made me smile, so I decided to pass it on;)


Good Morning!

Good Morning God,
Bless everyone I love.
Today is a Gift
And I pray to be strong
To be worth of this gift and
To do all my best!
I'm thankful for everything I have
I'm thankful that I have real friends and people I love
I'm thankful that I can take care of them
I'm thankful that I'm alive
And I can live my the best day of my life today!

Good Morning!!!:)


The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence
It makes room for listening.
It gives us freedom to observe.
It allows time to think.
It provides space in which to feel.
It lets us broaden our awareness.
It opens us to the entry of peace.
Give yourself the gift of a silent moment
Today and every day.

~ Author Unknown


Sea Is My Love

Sea is my Love.
It is always in my heart
The energy of the Sea is magnificent
My Love to the Sea is unconditional...
And this makes me feel so happy and complete:)

All You Need to Do

All you need to do is look, listen, and trust...
Answers will come

What is a Friend?

Great words :)


Less and More

Always choose what to do less and what to do more.
Spend your time wisely!
Create your perfect life!



Hilarius Cat's Video


Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanna say
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love and be loved!!!

High Five Escalator

Amazing Video:) It made my day:)


Winnie the Pooh: Friends:)

“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together..
There is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,
And smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is, even if we're apart...
I'll always be with you.”

~ Winnie the Pooh

Beautiful Art

Beautiful art is always a good reason to feel the goodness of life.

Photo by moe2112


The Beauty of You

The beauty of you
leaves me breathless.

You will always be
loved, cherished, protected,
wished only well.

Be grateful!
Be of good cheer!
Your heart is pure
and blessed with Peace.

And though you err
like everyone,
your heart remains pure.

You would never knowingly
inflict pain.
And once you know,
you don't do it again.

Your word is better than gold.

You shine!

So brightly that it blinds
both friends and foes.
Yes, even those
that you THINK
don't exist.

But they do,
and they study you,
to find your Achilles' heel.

And then you're putty
in their hands...

Oh mercy!
What a tragedy.
A glorious diamond
treated like glass.

Look deep into your eyes.


You are so bright
that you blind everyone,
to the magnificent, wondrous,

Your soul is brighter than the sun.

You are "unique in all the world"

You owe no explanation,
no justification
to anyone.

You are loved.
You are precious.
You are Free.

And you will forever


by Carmen Colombo


Love Condition

What can be better then the condition of Love:)


In a Rush

In a rush stop and turn around...

Clean you mind

What can you see?

Stop and listen

And look

And enjoy

Life is beautiful

Life is the moment

Live this moment

Live your life right now



Never speak out of anger,
Never act out of fear,
Never choose from impatience,
But wait... and peace will appear.

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